Lounge Set Sofa Teak Wood Outdoor Furniture

Lounge Set Sofa Teak Wood, garden furnture, minimalis design,

Lounge Set Sofa Teak Wood – Make your live helty and happy with somthing make comfrotable like Place for gathering, san, wife, anda housband. it’s the choice to take Furniture Lounge Set Sofa like picture.

The Sofa is suitable put in side your home, like near Garden, or Put in suwiming Pool, The size very modern and New desain. Minimalis Sofa it so great tah Klasik Desain.

Sepesifikasi Loung Set Sofa Teak Wood :

  • Material : Teak Wood
  • Items : 2 Chairs and Table also Cozy
  • Prsoses : 1 Week
  • Minimum Order : 1 Set
  • Quality : Export Standart
  • Price : Call Us
  • More Info :

Lounge Set Sofa made by Saudagar Mebel Jepara, using Material Teak Wood high quality and export standart, Proses worker profesional from jepara anda crafter. This sofa also comlate Cozy foam it make youre Comfrt.

How To Order and Shipment Your Country

You can contac us by email, when order, send Model like you want we will regread soon.  abaut delivery, we have some cargo, which provide to all the country, just send your complate addres we chack to semarang port to shipment.

Take it right now Sofa Outdoor for make beautiful your house, The modern sofa from jepara, indonesia. Consultation abaut Desain with us because we are good place abaut desain for interior and outdoor furniture.