Teak Shower Seats
Teak Shower Towl Bathroom

Teak Shower Towl Bathroom or Usually Call Rak Towl

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Teak Shower Towl Bathroom – Make your Bathroom tobe Comfrot and beautiful with Teak Shower from Mebel Jepara. The best Place to get Teak Garden high Quality. Using  best material from Forest Teak Wood and get sustaneble Plant.

This Produck l mean that Teak Shower is provide to you make easy after shower and want put towl, but you cofiuse so you can put it on Rak Towl, many usful if you buy this Teak Towl will you get it.

Lounge Chairs
Traditional Lounge Furniture Teak Wood

The Traditional Lounge Furniture Teak Wood

Traditional Lounge Furniture Teak Wood

Traditional Lounge Furniture Teak Wood – When you have house which the concept you take Desingn Minimalis Modern as like american style or tropical style, you can chose Furniture  like material from Teak Wood it is the best material as like your climate and temperatur condition.

Traditional Lounge Furniture
Traditional Lounge Furniture

Sepesification Traditional Lounge Teak Wood :

  • Material : Teak Wood / Solid Wood
  • Tipe : Knok Down
  • Minimun Order : 1 Picis
  • Proses : 6 Days
  • Quality : Export Standart
  • More Info :
  • Quantity : 20 fit Contain 250 Picis
  •                    40 fit Contain 460 Picis

If we talk abaut the Taste l thing everyone have different Taste white, Many people when want buy furniture Like Chairs they will take or buy like the Concept Home Design.

We use best Material and always attantion with Sustanable Environment, Teak Wood its the best material to using, very strong, we also procesing Lounge, Ggazebo, Teak Garden, Bedroom, Bed Set, Cabint Minimalis Modern, and  Another. we recive Cotum Desing from you like Indoor Furniture and Outdoor Furniture Jepara.