Dining Set Table
Black Walnut Dining Table

Black Walnut Dining Table New Inspiration Idea

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Black Walnut Dining Table – Let’s us introduce abaut oure industrial, we are from indonesia, Jepara Central Java. We make like this table with solid wood mix by Metal another model like, Teak Garden, Teak Patio, Outdoor Furniture, Ral Towl, Teak Bench so it’s can make perfic in the kitchen sets or Gardening.

This is a Black Walnut Dining Table slab table and Benches this was sold we can make one smiliar. woodrich has a simle mission. Salvage wood and provide those trees with a scond life. Costom modern for your dining set table made from indonesia.

For more info please send massage by email or Whats up to us, we give fast respond to get abaut the shiping, price, and how to order.

Outdoor Sofa
Teak Sofa Veranda Outdoor

Teak Sofa Veranda Minimalis Design For Outdoor Furniture

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Teak Sofa Veranda Outdoor – Is designed to look beatiful under sun anda look nice infront The pool, under your pavilium or your living room it fit everiware the place you put as like indoor and outdoor place.

Sepesification Teak Sofa Veranda Outdoor :

  • Material : Teak Wood/ Solid Wood
  • Colour : NC
  • Items : 3 Chairs and 2 Table, complate with Cozy
  • Proses : 7 Days
  • Quality : Exort Standart
  • The Best Price : Call Us
  • More Info :

The concept Teak Sofa Veranda Outdoor in every picese designed by configuration, so in every side have conection to another chairs The design of set outdoor jus for Living room outdoor and Sofa Pool, If you have Suwiming pool you can recomended to take it and put near.

Usually Teak Sofa Outdoor for the developer they take for Villa, anda Outdoor Sofa Beach, like in Bali Beach, also Raja Empat Beach, its very nice.

We use material Solid Wood / Teak Wood from Indonesia anda proses by Profesional Wroker, hep Modern enginering sitem to get The best quality product from Furniture Jepara.