Dining Set Table
Low Coffee Table

Low Coffee Table


Low Coffee Table – This coffe table come from the best quality for restly, enjoy with your family in the morning and a glass of coffee it’s look beatifull day for you. Teak Patio minimalis design make simple in your life, and make from the best teak wood in indonesia and also use high engine to get best furniture.


  • Name         : Low Coffee Table
  • Material    : Teak Wood
  • Size            : 120x70x30 cm (by request)
  • Minimum : 1 pices (for sample)
Outdoor Sofa
Craftsman Lounge Set Sofa Outdoor

Craftsman Lounge Set Sofa Outdoor To Make Perfect Your Life

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Craftsman Lounge Set Sofa Outdoor – The collection one product from Furniture Jepara which we provide to you, it’s Set Sofa Outdoor for Living Room to make Comfort in dayly life, The Modern Furniture with high Design by profesional Desain from Indonesia, so it’s very recomended to take it.

Sepesification of Craftsman Lounge Set Sofa Outdoor :

  • The Material : Teak Wood / Solid
  • Colour : NC
  • Items : 4 Chairs anda 2 Table Top, cozy fom
  • Production : 15 Days
  • Quality : Export Standart
  • Price : –
  • More Info :

The best choic for you chose Teak Sofa Outdoor living room, your family will be happy enjoy in the seter make comfrotable also can put on the infont of house.

Craftsman Lounge Sofa Outdoor make from  high quality material as like Teak Wood from Sustainable Plantations in Indonesia every piece is precision manufactured to standart sepesifications for commercial and residential to use.

In the working by using Profesioanl wroker and have experiance to make it, so the quality from Teak Sofa Outdoor is very high. Also in proses use modern enginering sitem More than 15 years we stand and make high quality furniture to suppliy order from Eropa, Asia Pasific, and USA.

Straight to buy this Teak Sofa Outdoor for making enjoy your life and comfrot, Call us Now get the best price from oure factory Furniture Minimalis Jepara.