Teak Patio Umberella Garden Minimalis For Outdoor Dining Set Make Beautiful Every Side

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Teak Patio Umberella Garden Minimalis

Teak Patio Umberella Garden Minimalis – New design from Saudagar Mebel at this time we offering to you the best produc from oure company. New model with umberella and round chairs you can put near Pool or if you have Hotel or villa make comfrotable.

Sepecificatio Teak Patio Umberella :

  • Material : Teak Wood / Solid Wood
  • Cotain : 4 Chairs, Umberella Table, Spoon
  • Quality : Export Standart
  • Capacity : 1 Month 2 Container
  • More Info :

We have some produc which using material from Solid Wood, like Teak Patio Umberella using from solid wood and making Crafter profesional from Mebel Jepara Indonesia, Besaides making Umberella Chairs we also making like Sofa bed for hotel, Outdoor Bed for pool, and also indoor with Crafting.

Immediately contac us to get Teak Patio Garden like this picture, we are supplier from indonesia to all the country, give full servis and consulting.

How to Delivery and Order ?

You can order just contac us by email (, send your model like you want we will reply soon and give the best price. To delivery send complate address to us, and we will check the cost to the Semarang Port indonesia until youre haouse.